How do I get verified?

Make an account and then click the verification link in your email. Once your email is verified, sign in and submit a verification request with your name and a list of VC firms you have worked at.

I submitted a verification request and haven't heard back yet. What should I do?

If it has been more than a week with no contact, please email Grahme Taylor.


What deals are you interested in?

We are only interested in deals with realized returns.

May I submit data in a spreadsheet/other format?

Yes, please contact Grahme Taylor for specific questions. Please note that we need enough data to calculate IRR for your deals.

From whom do you accept data?

We’re interested in data from investors at U.S. VC firms, as well as the entrepreneurs they back. At this point we do not accept data from individual angel investors or investors at non-U.S. firms.

May I submit data on behalf of others in my firm?

Yes, to do this you can either submit using a spreadsheet, or apply for an administrator account by emailing Grahme Taylor.

What is the deadline for submission?

June 1st, for inclusion in the first set of rankings.


Who can see my data?

Every member of your firm (including former partners) can see the data you provide. Should you choose to share data with Crunchbase, they will be able to see it as well.


How are rankings calculated?

VCs are ranked based on realized IRRs, which we calculate using funding round and exit data submitted to us directly by the VCs themselves or the entrepreneurs they fund.

When will rankings be published?

At some point after June 1st.